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Rectifier Diodes

Detailed Selling Lead Description
The series includes 1A-6A silicon rectifiers, fast recovery rectifiers, super fast rectifiers, ultra fast rectifiers, Schottky diodes, high voltage diodes (1,200V - 5,000V), glass passive rectified diodes, transient voltage suppressor diodes, silicon planar Zener diodes, switching diodes and bidirectional diodes.

The types include 1N4001-1N4007, 1N5391-1N5399, RL201-RL207, 1N5400-1N5408, 6A05-6A10, FR101-FR107, BY396-BY399, FR151-FR157, SF11-SF58, UF4001-UF4007, HER101-HER108, 1N5817-1N5819, SR105-SR190, 1N5820-1N5822, SR350-SR390, SR520-SR590, 1N4001G-1N4007G, BZX85/C10-BZX85/C220, 1N4728-1N4764, 1N4148, 1N4448, DB3, 1N60 and BAT85.

The cases include DO-35, DO-41, DO-15, DO-27 and R-6.

SMD Diode Specifications

SMD Diode Test Report

IMAGE SMD Diode Test Report 2008

IMAGE SMD Plastic Diode Test Report 2008

DIP Diode Specifications

DIP Diode Test Report

i Plastic Diode Test Report 2008

IMAGE DO-41 Diode Test Report